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Asia Caribe - Asian Cuise with Island Flair
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Asia Caribe - Comida Asiatica con el Sabor de la Isla


                                                      Appetizers                                        (Pesos)

Fresh Spring Rolls



Fried Spring Rolls



Sticky Pork Ribs



Chicken Satay w/coconut & curry



Shrimp brochette w/apple, mango & curry


Tom Yum w/shrimp — Spicy Thai soup with lemon grass, Kaffir lime and chile



Thai Salad — lettuce, cucumbers, tomato & tofu with peanut dressing


Yum — glass noodles with carrot, cucumber, red pepper, lemongrass, lime, chile
and shrimp


Grilled Beef Salad — grilled tenderloin on fresh greens with lime, chile, garlic, red pepper, onion, and basil.



Sticky Pork Ribs — tender braised pork ribs glazed in a sweet and savory sauce


Seared Pork Tenderloin — medallions of pork pan-seared with black mushrooms and ginger


Chicken with Cashews — tender breast of chicken stir-fried with garlic, chilies, ginger and zucchini


Filet Mignon with a Peppercorn Glaze - (USDA Choice)


Coconut Shrimp — large shrimp breaded with coconut, pan-sauteed and served on a lime beurre-blanc


Fish a La Bangkok — fresh, local filet sauteed with vegetables, pineapple and a
Thai-style sweet & sour sauce


Sesame Salmon — fresh filet with a sesame seed crust, sauteed with wasabi,
ginger and soy


Entrees served with rice and vegetables.
All fruits and vegetables cleaned in antimicrobial solution.

Noodle Dishes

Drunken Noodles — Stir-fried rice noodles with vegetables, pineapple, thai curry, coconut and rum.

With chicken or tofu

With shrimp

Lo Mein — Noodles stir-fried with vegetables and chinese seasonings.
With chicken, pork or tofu


Singapore Noodles — Thin egg noodles stir-fried with baby corn, vegetables, water chestnuts, curry and shrimp



Asia Caribe Mango Mai Tai




Corona, Modelo Light, Montejo, Negra Modelo, Sol, Superior,
Dos XX, Dos XX Ambar, Bohemia, Tecate Light


Non-alcoholic Beverages

Thai Ice Tea



Coca Cola, Coca Light, Sprite, Fanta, Manzana Lift


Cafe Garat coffee/decaf Bigelow Teas


Homemade Desserts

Coconut Cheesecake


Kahlua Chocolate Mousse


Prices are in pesos. 11% IVA is included.
Sorry, we're not able to accept credit cards at this time.

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